Experiential Work Opportunities for Exceptional Youth

Get involved in an exciting work experiential initiative

Youth XLS affords clients the opportunity to become involved in an exciting work experiential initiative which is making a difference in South Africa’s skills short market. Success in this regard relies on the support of our clients who provide experience – the lack of which is often all that holds talented young people back in terms of employability.

Youth XLS has been extremely well received by clients and graduates alike. In almost ten years since its launch we have, together with our clients, been privileged to play a pivotal role in the successful launch of the careers of over 3,000 young South Africans who, subsequent to the exposure gained through Youth XLS, have been offered career moves with leading employers. Youth XLS continues to grow and currently employs over 400 graduates who are hosted by our clients to develop work experience and skills. The Youth employed by Youth XLS are known as Cadets.


Since we opened our doors, over 3000 unemployed youth have embarked on the Cadet Programme in collaboration with our clients, today they boast stable careers and continue to flourish. Youth XLS is dedicated to developing young South African talent and equipping them with skills and knowledge that will benefit any organization. We recognize that what graduates and school leavers need the most are skills and experience in order to secure a prosperous career, we provide them with the tools needed to achieve this.